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About AHA
American Hardboard Association
Definition of Hardboard
Hardboard is a generic term for a panel manufactured primarily from inter-felted ligno-cellulosic fibers, consolidated under heat and pressure in a hot press of density of 31 pounds per cubic foot (a specific gravity of about 0.5: or about 0.50 grams per cubic centimeter density) or greater. Other materials may be added during manufacture to improve certain properties such as stiffness, hardness, finishing properties, resistance to abrasion and moisture, as well as to increase strength, durability and utility.
Major Hardboard Uses
  • Smooth Surfaced Siding
  • Textured Surfaced Siding
  • Interior Hardboard Panels (Wet Finish)
  • Interior Hardboard Panels (Laminated Finish)
  • Interior Tileboard
  • Industrial Hardboard Applications
Testimonials from Users
Charles Kuhn, Charles Kuhn Construction Company, Novato, California, and Robert Wilkenson, Wilkenson & Hartman, San Anselmo, California
1993 AHA Home of the Year
Robert T. Mickey, Northwest Home Designing, Inc., Tacoma, Washington
1992 AHA Home of the Year
Brad Pulley and Mike Adair, Pulley and Adair Custom Homes, Inc., Chapel Hill, North Carolina 1991 AHA Home of the Year
Sam Nigh, Nigh Lumber Company, Soquel, California
1990 AHA Home of the Year

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