“When I Built My House, Only The Best was Good Enough; Hardboard Siding.”

"This was our dream house, so we chose hardboard siding because it looks great. It also happened to cost less than most other materials. And it’s tough too. It came through the earthquake without a scratch."

As the owner of a lumber company, Sam Nigh could have chosen any material he wanted when he built his home. He specified hardboard siding for its lower material, labor and maintenance costs.
Sam Nigh, Nigh Lumber Company, Soquel, CA
It conforms to the ANSI/AHA A 135.6 product standard, and is covered by the Manufacturer’s Warranty. When you specify your next job, look for the American Hardboard Association certification seal.

For more information, write to:
American Hardboard Association
1210 W. Northwest Highway
Palatine, IL 60067