“Our Value Engineering Analysis Selected Hardboard ‘Hands Down’”

“Lap siding gave us the shadow line and definition that was key to our design decision,” says Architect Robert Wilkinson, “and our value engineering analysis selected hardboard siding ‘hands down’ over other siding materials.” Wilkinson’s grand design is the “Gold” winner of the 1993 AHA home of the year competition.

“With a 40-year reputation to protect, I depend on hardboard siding for appearance and durability. It cuts true and finishes well,” according to Builder Charles Kuhn. “I don’t get callbacks with hardboard. That means business is more profitable, customers are happier.”
On your next job, ask for the American Hardboard Association certification mark on your hardboard siding. That means it conforms to ANSI/AHA A 135.6 product standard and is covered by the Manufacturer’s Warranty.

For more information or for our new Hardboard Installation Video and Maintenance Video*, contact:
American Hardboard Association
1210 W. Northwest Highway, Dept.9394
Palatine, IL 60067

*Videos $3.97 each to cover postage and handling.
Charles Kuhn, Charles Kuhn Construction Company, Novato, CA and Robert Wilkenson, Wilkenson & Hartman, San Anselmo, CA